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How to Use Twitter List for Your Business?

Twitter launched its new feature Twitter List which helps business person to interact and monitor right people for their business on Twitter.

This feature of Twitter makes the interaction with people easier on Twitter. It gives you the power to organize the people and brands more easily and helps you to make better interaction with people on Twitter.

On the Twitter List, you can add people according to the different category. This will help you to know about each and every tweet they post on the Twitter.

On Twitter, lots of tweets are coming daily and its is very difficult to search for the tweet whom you follow. Adding people to Twitter List will show you all the tweet of the person whom you want to see any time . These lists act as a tweet filter on Twitter.

How to Create a Twitter List?

To create a Twitter List, go to your profile. And click on Lists menu.

Twitter List

Choose the name of your List and add some description about your list in the box. Select the option public or private according to your need. and then click on save list. If you select public list it will allow the user to view and subscribe to your list. And if you choose private list it can be only viewed by you.

Twitter List

For adding the people in the list click to search the people in the usual way and open their profile and click on more user action button next to the Follow or the following button. After that select add or remove from the list.

Twitter List

How to Use Twitter List for Your Business on Twitter?

Keep an eye On Competitors

Create a separate list for your competitor on Twitter. It will help you to monitor what type of content they are using to drive traffic for their business through the Twitter platform. Track their activity, see their updates. This will help you to improve your business strategy on Twitter. Twitter List give you the power to check what your competitors are doing on Twitter for their business

Keep Monitoring Industry Leaders

Create a list to add Industry Leader on Twitter. Following their Tweet will increase your knowledge in Business. Retweet their contact to get engage with them. Adding them to Your list will increase the value of your account Twitter.

Stay Update on New Trends

Create List to get the new update for marketing on Twitter. Add top website in your list and your own employ who share breaking news for your own industry. Twitter List is the effective way to organize your Tweet.

Engage with Your Customer

One of the most import features of the Twitter List is that you can add people to your list even you don’t follow them on Twitter. You can add a customer to your list and keep tracking their tweet about your business. This will help you to make good relationship with your customer. And through the list, you can reward people who are good influencer for your business.


Twitter is a unique platform where you have to share your knowledge in limited words. Twitter added List in their features help people to collect information in better manner. To take the full advantage of Twitter for your business you need to be organized. Creating Twitter List help you to make a strong marketing strategy for your business.

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