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Twitter’s new study on using Videos for Business

Twitter’s new study on using Videos for Business

As it is already suggested that using videos for your business are always beneficial. The only thing which you have to consider is that what kind of video will work best for your business. And if we consider the new study in that case you have to be conscious that what video content you should bother which can generate the mental response and memory encoding on Twitter.

Well, I think you might have got confused with the concept of new study. No worries if you are not able to understand the same, the below-mentioned details will let you know the same in brief.  

As I had clearly mentioned about the new study of Twitter let me move on to that. Recently, Twitter has conducted a new study with the Omnicom Media Group. In this study they used neuroscience and their aim was to focus on measuring the brain’s activity of 127 Twitter users. These 127 users were chosen on the basis of browsing their timeline and responses to other media.

And the result they found was interesting specifically in wider video trends. So now we would focus on the result of this research.

1. Brand video works on Twitter


Brand video works on Twitter

Well, this is said so according to some additional data. It was found that Twitter video draws a very high response rates for the personal relevance, emotional intensity, and  memory encoding. This all together correlates the intention of increased purchasing power.

Twitter also found that these figures will outperform the online video norms. It has also made a test for the people’s response to any promotional video or any Twitter activity. The interesting thing which they found is that the users couldn’t differentiate between promotional video content and the normal Twitter tweet content which they see.

It was also found that the videos which are auto-played within the timeline are the one which has slightly higher memory response than the one which is viewed in the full-screen mode. Another thing which is very interesting is that the viewing experience for the brands are more impactful and this benefits the business a lot.

By reading this you might have got a clear idea that videos work on Twitter well. And it’s users is receptive to it but this is not it, the extended data will reveal more about how the users can create a more effective video on Twitter.

2. Users require less time on Twitter


Users require less time on Twitter

Yes, if we talk about the engagement of Twitter then the neural response show that the videos which are shorter say 15 seconds or even less than that are more likely to drive the memory encoding. But when it comes to TV there the ads are of about 30 seconds there the people’s memory encoding works better than the ads which are a short one. We can say that short videos don’t work better on TV but it work fabulously on Twitter.

The data also reveals that the shorter videos which are sent via a message on tweets are more effective. This is so because they are real-time in nature, they are fast-paced also we have trained ourselves to expect only shorter video within our Tweet.  

Twitter also consider its scrolling behaviors. When viewers are scrolling the tweets it requires less time to grab the attention of viewers and not only it grabs the attention but also make an impact.

And thus that provide a golden opportunity for the marketer’s to enhance their video performance with their tweet. Many a time it is found that longer videos are not necessarily good. And if we talk about the sound in the video then for that too there is an interesting fact. When the sound was off for about 3 seconds both the memory encoding and personal relevance were same. But when you are to watch the full video their sounds plays an important part.

3. Receptive nature of the viewers


Receptive nature of the viewers

The researchers have also find that the human receptivity towards the videos is more. Whenever a first video is seen on the timeline it generates an upliftment on an average of 22% of all the metrics v/s all the subsequent videos view. Twitter also noticed that people’s memory power works better in the morning. So if they want to share any tip or information then they can share them during the morning time.

4. Prefer a thumb-stopping method


Prefer a thumb-stopping method

The last but not the least the thumb-stopping video elements. The videos which can retain information and the mental response of people.  

Response of people

Twitter says if the early story arc is used in any video it leads to 58% increase in any user’s views that has more likely to be viewed past 3 seconds. Well, there is nothing surprising as if you wish people should watch your video then you need to invite them or motivate them to focus on the story.

Moving on to the topical content, they are also quite popular on Twitter. If people opt for the topical themed video then it shows 32% increase in the views and 11% increase in the completion rate.

Another factor which is considered on Twitter is the presence of people. If any businessperson manage to bring out the emotional response of the viewers then it may lead an increase of 133% views in the first three seconds.  

Then come the videos which include subtitles. It was found that the videos which contain text or the subtitle shows 11% increase in views and generate 28% higher completion rate.  

Over to you

This is how Twitter was able to judge the Twitter users. And thus a new report was made for the marketers which can help them in understanding their Twitter users. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same.

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