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Twitter Deprecates Lead Generation Campaigns

Twitter to Deprecate Lead Generation Campaigns: What should You Know?

This year has brought mixed results for the microblogging network, Twitter. Despite the profits it made, it faced some hurdles in expanding its user base. Nevertheless, it has reported a good 317 million user base by the third quarter of 2016.

In the process of restructuring, Twitter has taken many moves earlier and is going to take more in the future. As a part of its reformation strategy, Twitter recently announced that it’s going to discontinue the Lead Generation campaigns on its advertising platform.

In the wake of this announcement, here we are, giving a deep insight of how it is going to affect your marketing and what you could do to rehabilitate it.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the foremost things that an online marketer should go with before plunging into any sales campaigns.

People who show interest in your business are your leads. They will follow your updates. When they are in need, they will turn to you to get that particular service. This is the process happens generally.

So in a nutshell, you need to identify your leads and be on their radar, identify when they are in a need of your product/service and sell it to them.

lead generation

Where there are your target audiences, there should be your ads.

Obviously, in today’s scenario, you can find your target audience on social media and you can generate leads for your business from there itself.

Once you segment your audience, you need to make some lead generation campaigns on the social networks.

Lead Generation on Twitter

The user base of Twitter is large enough to generate quality leads for a business. And Twitter too takes the privilege of helping you in lead generation. It offers Lead Generation campaigning on its advertising platform.

With the aid of Lead Generation Cards on Twitter, you can include your tweet and collect the emails and other required data of your target audience with a great ease.

example of lead geneartion cards on twitter

Yes! It is too easy that with just two clicks, a user can share his/her information with you.

You can target the audience based on your target keywords, interests, and your tailored audiences. Besides, you can have exclusive targeting options like Television targeting (you can have the people who are talking about specific TV shows) which makes Twitter a unique platform for lead generation campaigns.

The pricing for the campaign will be determined by an auction process. And you will be charged for each lead generated.

As you are generating leads for your business, you can download the data in a CSV format.

The Deprecation of Lead Generation Campaigns

Recently in a post on its Developers Forum, Twitter has officially announced that it’s going to shut down the Lead Generation Campaigns.

As per the statement,

  • You cannot make any Lead Generation campaigns and create or edit Lead Generation Cards on twitter from February 1, 2017. Whereas, you can see the cards for one more month.
  • You cannot be able to view the Lead Generation Cards from March 1, 2017, onwards.
  • However, the analytic data of your campaigns are going to stay alive and you can access the data whenever you want.

deprecation of lead generation campaigns on twitter

What would be the Reason?

We all know that Twitter is facing a tough time in regaining its foothold. While all its social media counterparts are going ahead, Twitter has started taking the restructure moves.

It wants to shift all its focus on the latest trends that could give better results to its advertiser-users. Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots technology is cooking in the current social media industry. This technology has proven impact on the CRM management and other factors of a business.

So this might be a reason why Twitter is going to stop its old-fashioned lead generation campaigns and may replace it with new advanced features.

What would be the Effect on Twitter Marketers?

Twitter marketing is one of the most efficient strategies in generating leads and sales for a business. And marketers are investing a lot on this platform.

Its unique targeting features and engagement methods make it more reliable for marketers who want to generate quality leads for their business, be it B2B or B2C.

However, if this implementation comes alive, it will definitely show a great impact on marketers who rely on Twitter for leads. They should need to go to other networks like Facebook and Instagram. However, they are not going to get the flexibility in audience targeting as they had on Twitter.


As its main objective is to regain its previous glory as a top-notch social network, Twitter may stop the traditional cards features. But definitely, is not going to shut down the Lead Generation Campaigns forever.

I think that enters with a new solution that brings more glory to its advertising platform and advantages to its marketer-users.

What say you? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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