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Twitter for Business: 6 Things your Business should Tweet

We know how much social media are useful for business. Nowadays we can’t even think life without social networking sites. It’s become our regular habit to tweet about each and every business update.

140 characters have lots to say and it has the power to express your thoughts to the world. But many people doesn’t know what to tweet. Every business needs to be very particular about tweeting as it has a great impact on the market. Keep remember that you are a well-known personality of the Twitter community. Hence, you should throw in messages directly related to your products or services.

The world knows, Twitter can be a powerful tool to advance your business’s reach. But until you are not aware with what to tweet, your social media venture won’t be a fruitful one. In this piece of blog, we have collected few important ideas to make you concern by knowing what to tweet.

#1: Advertise your Products:

Twitter can serve as a perfect low-cost alternative for you all to advertise the products and other services of your business. You can take advantage of this fact. More even you can choose a product’s picture and tweet on that to add some appeals.

As an example, McDonald’s strategy is the same as tweeting pictures of their products.


#2: Know About Customer’s Feedback:

If you make use of this point in your tweet then it will give the feeling towards your customer that they are being cared and their opinion matters for you and their feedback and views are important for your products and services of the company.

#3: Don’t Forget to Reply to “Mentions”:

This provides you the perfect opportunity for thanking your loyal fans and supporters who advertise your company on Twitter for you. Always reply to your supporter as well as haters because balancing both always gives a satisfaction to yourselves. You can also type your company’s name in the search bar and see the tweets that have been posted about you and your name is mentioned there or not.




#4: Give your Followers Advice on How to Use your Products:

It’s very much essential to provide tips and advice to your users on how to use your products. It would make easier for the users to know the usefulness of your product and how much they might need it.

As an example, check out the tweet by Samsung giving their follower’s a tip on how to make use of their smart phone’s camera.


#5: Use More Hashtags:

Get involved in interesting conversations of any trending topic or can also try to get your own topic to trend that what you feel. Make use of different and relating hashtags to drive other Twitter user attention. Although, make sure that the tweet which involves hashtags must be relevant to your business. Otherwise, they would be just meaningless.

#6: Company Achievement:

Try to impress your Twitter follower by advertising your company’s awards and feats in the industry. This will also help to establish a level of trust and credibility of your company as well as its products.

As an example. BMW Group always follows the strategy to show their company’s achievements.


Wrapping words

There is nothing without updating and creative ideas if you have the right knowledge about what to tweet and how to maximize the number of re-tweets than it would be easier for you to get success in your business. In this blog, you must have collected some good ideas about what to tweets and how it can leave a good remark on your business.

Please share your views and feedbacks here.

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