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Twitter Automation Software

Twitter is the most happening sites on social networking. Most of the time twitter is generally considered as a blog of various users who post about their events and happenings of their day. But now twitter can also be used as a tool in boosting up your business and the best part of it is that it has helped a lot of entrepreneurs to get recognized in a short while. All this can be achieved with the help of an automation tool which we have come up with. The one, the only, the twtboardpro which is designed to make sure that you and your business get recognized instantly in twitter and become famous in a nick of time.

There are state-of-the-art features on twitter which are helpful for every novice startup to rise and get recognized by the masses:

  1. Account:

    All your accounts will be managed in the same place and the best part about it is that you can add as well as delete multiple accounts with the help of this feature and separate groups can be created to run different campaigns.

    This module does the job of adding and deleting multiple accounts simultaneously.

    This module gives the list of those users who have successfully or unsuccessfully logged in.

    Verifying the accounts which are asking for the username

    This profile does the job of changing you email, password and various other credentials

  2. Follow:

    We can follow and unfollow as many users with the help of this module.
    You can follow multiple users from their usernames or user ids

    Helps you to unfollow as many users you want.

  3. Tweet:

    This feature allows the user to post as many tweets as much he wants and the tweeting can be done with the help of the keyword or the username.

    Does the job of posting just a tweet or a list of multiple tweets to the followers

    With the help of this module get a huge number of retweets and favourites in no time.

    Does the job of retweeting at the same time using keywords

    Does the job of scraping the tweets and makes sure that you get equal amount of urls in it.

  4. Message:

    This feature allows the user to send direct messages to the followers with ease.

  5. Scraper:

    This feature scraps the details of the followers and the posts they are following

  6. Campaign:

    This feature allows the user to create and run different campaigns and replying by selecting a particular account or a group of accounts.

    Does the job of initiating the process to follow a campaign

    Does the job of retweeting for the campaigns

    Does the job of tweeting for the campaigns

    Does the job for replying for tweeting of the campaign.

  7. Proxy:

    This feature does the setting of the proxy either in public or private, the working and non-working of the proxies can also be checked during the process.

  8. Setting:

    This feature allows you to set the DBC credentials to solve a particular captcha. The color, theme and the font size can also be changed based on our theme.

    To solve a captcha problem DBC username and password can be used for this module

    Gives the options of various colors for the captcha


This is just a short jist of the twtboardpro, the real experience begins when you download this tool for your business purpose, please comment down below about how was your experience working on twtboardpro. And please download this tool from our dominator house site. See ya!!

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