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Quick Replies & Greeting Messages on Twitter

Everything About Quick Replies & Greeting Messages on Twitter

Customer relationship management can be easier with the use of social media. It was really tiresome – calling a customer care center and waiting for minutes on the line for the representative. This is a symbol of poor customer service.

Giving quick responses to the customers was a great challenge to the businesses. The number of users increases and the queries increase. But businesses cannot hire people accordingly. However, once social media entered the scene, the tables turned.

Personal interaction on social media is very easy and effective. Business people use to adopt the social networks that offer easy conversation features. This is the reason why Facebook focused a lot on Messenger and Instagram too introduced direct messaging feature after many years.

And now, it’s Twitter’s turn. Though we have a messaging feature on Twitter, something is missed there. It was not enough for providing quick and quality customer service. But here with the latest update, the solution found.

Quick Replies & Greeting Message on Twitter

When your customer is getting too quick responses, just in a second, he will be too satisfied with your customer service. To make you get that credit, Twitter is now introducing the new Quick Replies on its messaging platform.


A nice Welcome message is a representation of the warm customer service. So impress your customers with a welcome message. You can create your own welcome messages. With these messages, your customers need not type the first message. They can find the options to choose and send them.

pizza hut using greeting message on twitter

You can see Pizza Hut using the new feature to serve its customers. The moment I opened the messaging platform, it greeted me with a welcome message. They also provided a button Get Started.

pizza hut using quick replies on twitter

When I asked it about their outlets in our locality, it assured me that someone will respond to my message as soon as they see the message. Thus, I need to wait for their reply or I need not hold on a call for minutes. I can go ahead with my own works.

evernote using quick replies & greeting messages on twitter

This is another business, Evernote, using the feature for providing better services. Here, they are providing some options to choose.

Thus, a business can serve its customers with ease and up to their satisfaction.

How to Enable This Feature for Your Business?

You too can enable this feature for your business if you want to. If you want to set your own greeting message on your messaging dashboard, you can edit it on the Support Settings Page. And the API required for incorporating the quick replies feature, you have to wait for a few more days as it is under beta test now.


So be ready to use the feature on your Twitter marketing. Because, most of the people use Twitter for getting better deals. So, you can serve your customers in a better way. As of now, start using the greeting message feature and wish your customers with the best possible words.

Hope this article made you aware of the new quick replies and greeting messages feature on Twitter.

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