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A Comprehensive Guide To Use Twitter For Small Businesses 2017

A Comprehensive Guide To Use Twitter For Small Businesses 2017

Does it likely seem that Twitter can actually work for small businesses? Are your tweets visible enough to give your small business an edge? Are you devoting enough time towards Twitter activities for business? These are the most common questions that arose while putting Twitter to use for small businesses. The current scenario depicts that a vast number of small businesses are struggling to utilize Twitter with perfection just like old times.

With Twitter’s uncompromised growth, it turned into a marketing platform for numerous brands eventually leading to a state of fierce competition. It’s just that even Twitter comes with a drawback as in, the feed tends to fill up at a more rapid rate which makes it tough for your tweets to be actually seen. However, that doesn’t correspond to that the network is dead.

Twitter For Small Businesses

Thus in order to be successful with Twitter for small businesses in 2017 one needs to have a futuristic vision that will help him/her progress with the flow of time and guide their business to glory. So let’s proceed with the splendid Twitter tips that will help reinforce your marketing strategy.

Scale the Unscalable

Among the uncountable tweets on Twitter, it is often observed that people tend to engage less with your content. You may think that they don’t like the stuff you tweet, but in reality, they didn’t like it because they didn’t see it. However, this can be resolved.

One of the main reasons people got drawn towards Twitter is due to its ability to reach out to the masses via a single tweet. Now, since your followers are unable to check everything you tweet, you have lost all the luxury you hand in the past.

Even top notch brands and celebs having millions of followers are perceiving a significant drop in the level of engagement compared to earlier days. Luckily there is a remedy for this.

Instead of considering Twitter as a blowhorn, think of it more like a cell phone. Which enables you to communicate with all your contacts at a single point of time. Or engage in deep conversations with individuals at a time.

The key factor is to leverage Twitter for getting in touch with people more authentically than merely treating it as a broadcasting platform. The main reason very fewer brands prefer not to go along with this type of approach as it becomes difficult for them to scale the progress. Yet this procedure is proven to be more effective than a simple tweet while spreading out your word.

In general, Twitter is a social platform to assist you communicate effectively and engage into conversations, yet over time online marketers focused on using it as a tool for mass messaging. Rather than creating a more personalized experience for their followers.

Use Twitter automation tools like Twtboardpro to facilitate individual conversations. Twtboardpro consists of direct message module that allows you to message instantly message any of your followers thereby creating a context around your relationship.

Twtboardpro Direct Message

Usage Of Video On Twitter

Vine might as well be gone for good but the native video system of Twitter is alive and kicking. Nowadays video certainly plays a vital role in social media marketing and be very well utilized in 2017. As videos tend to flourish in other social platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc, numerous marketing opportunities can be created using videos on Twitter.

Twitter Videos

Videos have been seemingly popular on Twitter as over 80% of users watch video on the app. What more likely to surprise you is that unlike Youtube, a user on Twitter solely depends on the social platform for video discovery.

And surprisingly Twitter native video receive more engagement than the 3rd party videos.

Twitter Video Marketing

Apparently, a Twitter video must be of 140 seconds or less, which is more than enough to capture your audience’s attention and initiate 1:1 conversations. Thus Twitter video marketing might actually do the trick for small businesses. So, if you’re yet to harness its power, put this thing to action.

Stop Compromising With Twitter For Business

Attaching a link to their latest content in a tweet once and for all is one of the commonly made mistakes of small businesses on Twitter. As we have discussed previously that tweets nowadays don’t possess the same organic reach they used to. Thus to get your content under the radar of your audience, scheduling it multiple times definitely pays off.

Using Twtboardpro to schedule tweets ahead of time might present your business with the additional edge over your competitors.

Scheduling Tweets Using Twtboardpro

All you have to make sure that you use varied headings as it prevents you tweets to look repetitive and your profile stale. Besides, you will also get an idea about what suits the most for your audience.

Do Experiment With New Stuff

Never be afraid of trying out new things for your business. A new year always brings forth new opportunities, thus consider the year 2017 for experimenting new things corresponding to your Twitter marketing strategy.

There are a countless new measures small businesses can adapt while reforming their business strategy for Twitter, yet most of them proceed with the default one throughout the years. But it’s time to come out of defaults and pour in some juice of creativity. Here are certain quick ideas that you can incorporate.

  1. Working With Twitter Influencers:

This mostly refers to partnering up with the industrial influencers belonging to your niche in order to run creative social media takeover sessions or campaigns like ask me anything etc.

  1. Twitter Feud:

By this we never recommend you to take on competitors head on but slightly back and forth in a friendly manner.  For instance, the ones between KitKat and Oreo or Mc Donald’s and Burger King definitely gave them ample brand exposure.

Twitter Feud

Twitter Feud

  1. Twitter Ads:

If you got an extra buck to your budget, give Twitter Ads a shot. Although it been around for quite some time, small businesses are yet to test it out. It is a little costlier compared to Facebook Ads but might give small businesses the push it requires.

Grow Your Followers:

Any business on social media is all about searching potential audiences and converting them into actual customers.  All you need to figure out is how to use the platform to get to your customers. Tweeting links to your articles hoping your followers will see it will bring you close to your audience but that won’t be enough.

You must place yourself in the shoes of your customer, thinking of problems your customers are facing and what key phrases could they have used. Most of the time it’s a service they wish for coming with a negative sentiment.

Thus all you need is to search and identify those tweets and showcase your service. If you think the finding process will be a tough nut to crack with Twitter’s advanced search, you can always check latest tweets for any inserted keyword or phrase.

Twitter Advanced Search

This approach is mostly for small businesses which have a minimal following as they are still growing and need to survive in the industry filled with competition.

Over To Your:

Marketing on Twitter definitely isn’t the same it used to be, yet it continues to be one of the best social platforms in terms of referral traffic. And that is why small businesses can make a fortune harnessing it’s true power. So make well use of all these marketing tips to achieve greater success with your Twitter usage for small businesses.

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