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A complete guide on Marketing in twitter

Twitter has a billion followers from around the world out of which 53 million are all users from the USA. Most twitter is regarded as such a site which has a lot of celebrities posting pictures, videos of themselves and crazy fans following them. But gone are the days when twitter was used only to follow celebrities, now it has evolved as a marketing tool for rookie entrepreneurs who want to get noticed in a short span of time.

Here are some tips which need to be followed for every rookie entrepreneur for marketing their brand on twitter.


  • Try to keep your profile at your best to attract the maximum number of visitors. With the help of your profile, the users will get to know about your startup and try to make it look a bit attractive also as well by explaining about your startup and yourself.

    attractive profile
  • Find the influencers and experts in your target audience, try communicating with them. With the help of this technique, you may get number of followers to your profile in no time.

    visitors into clients
  • Get your co-workers and friends involved in your profile by making them follow your page.
    more followers
  • Interact frequently with your followers and involve them in every conversation of yours, and do most of the tasks with the twtboardpro which has the follow feature.
  • Keep retweeting about your profile as a promotion strategy but make sure that you don’t cross the limit by over-promoting your profile all the time.
  • Follow various trending topics and hashtags which are connecting to your profile and attract more traffic with the help of it

  • Post new contests and events of your business page to attain more traffic and get more publicity through it.



Try to use these above-mentioned methods on your site, these methods are very helpful in making your business successful on social media,  and please make sure to subscribe to our blog for more updates and please download the twtboardpro software to get the better results, see ya!!


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