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How Can Twitter Analytics Help You to Boost Your Organic Reach?

How Can Twitter Analytics Help You to Boost Your Organic Reach?

n this competitive world, no one will help you without a motive and I hope you will for sure agree on this point? So I’m present here to let you know something which you should be working on and that is tracking the Twitter metrics and analyzing data which they provide to you. As Twitter users never step back in interacting with businesses and if you are the one who is not doing the same then you missing the key insights of Twitter which can help you to refine your strategies and maximize the ROI.

So how will you get to know what’s working and what’s not working on Twitter? For this, you should divert towards Twitter Analytics. Now you might be wondering what is Twitter analytics? So let’s see the same.


Twitter Analytics?


The actions which you perform on Twitter or the actions which are performed by the other users on Twitter who follow you, show their engagement in your posts or interact with you on Twitter, creates a rich data which can be used to track different Twitter metrics.

The Twitter analytics tools will allow you to analyze your performance and data over time to time. So that one can learn what is working and what is not. It will also help you to know how to achieve most from the provided resources and time which you put in posting your Tweets.

Now it’s the time to look into the benefits of Twitter analytics.




A great marketing intelligence is provided by the Twitter analytics. And this will for sure help you to sharpen your campaigns.


1. Know about your audience


Know about your audience


It would be difficult for you to conduct a campaign without any targeted audiences. But if you are aware of Twitter users demographics then it would be a nice place to start. Also, it is important to have a clear picture of Twitter users who are following you.

And if you are using Twitter analytics then you can easily look into your follower’s demographics. Also, get to know their age, the language they speak, their residence and even their household income. You can also know their online purchasing nature. And when you will know all of this then you can judge who is your typical 


2. Know what kind of content resonates your audience


Know what kind of content resonates your audience


Twitter analytics also provide the statics of every tweet which you post and this will let you know what types of your content are receiving engagements or response. If your Tweets include photos, then you must know that it gets 313% more respondents. Also, you are able to test what type of photos are receiving engagement and what not.

If you manage to have an eye on Twitter metrics engagements then for sure you will get to know what connects you to your audiences. So prefer speaking directly to them.


3. Choose optimal times to post


Choose optimal times to post


It is quite important to make posts on the best time of the day. From an analysis, it was found that

3 pm is the best time to make posts from Monday to Friday. But the point to be noted is that this result varies. So cannot just stick with a single time for long.

Again, here Twitter analytics is helpful as you are able to make judgements when your audiences are likely to be active. And further, you can filter your strategy and post accordingly.


4. Check whether your ads are functioning or not


Check whether your ads are functioning or not


It is quite obvious that you will be conscious regarding your investment made for the promoted Tweets, right? As your main aim is to achieve your goal so you need to check whether your ads are functioning properly or not.

With the help of Twitter analytics, you can make a comparison between the promoted and organic impression that how far they are expanding. You are also allowed to track your ROI (that is Return On Investment) from the Twitter campaigns.


Over to you


These were some of the points to let you know how Twitter Analytics can help you to boost your organic reach. Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same.

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