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Management of Multiple Twitter Accounts using TwtBoardPro.

What is TwtBoardPro?

TwtBoardPro is a secure, open-source, twitter management solution to assist individuals, organizations, businesses and marketers easily manage their multiple twitter accounts. It includes a suite of ideal tools to organize and maintain track of a multiple number of accounts, get more twitter followers and automate the publishing of quality targeted content.

With TwtBoardPro, simply boost your Twitter productivity – now it doesn’t have to be a tiring, manual time-consuming process for managing your marketing campaign anymore!

With TwtBoardPro, you have the flexibility to make use of following options:

  • Account Management

  • Follower Management

  • Tweet Management

  • Un-Follower Management

  • Wait & Reply Management

  • IP Settings

  • Scrape Users

  • Tweet Creator Management

  • Filter Users Management

  • and much more.

Ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts is one of the best features of TwtBoardPro. We offer a user-friendly, easy to navigate dashboard for the management of multiple Twitter accounts.

Consistent Posting and Timely Scheduling is What TwtBoardPro All About!

Twitter Scheduler With TwtBoardPro, you can easily schedule your posts on any number of Twitter accounts. The navigation to TwtBoardPro is very smooth and straight. The tweet planner lets you post and schedule or automate your messages in multiple numbers of accounts with specific keywords as well. Not just that, TwtBoardPro offers a vast range of post management and engagement features. You can even easily schedule and automate tweets in bulk for better volume assignments.

You can go through your Twitter accounts and its Page feeds on a single screen only. Replying, following, favouriting, retweeting are some of the amazing actions that can be done using TwtBoardPro from the Twitter accounts you want to. Now, you don’t have to login multiple times just for managing your different Twitter accounts. TwtBoardPro’s dashboard is designed especially to enhance your work productivity and thus save your time as well as efforts.

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