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9 Reasons to Start Twitter Marketing with TwtBoardPro

When marketers start business they need to prepare a full prove strategy and need much time to implement. But, do a marketer really has that much time to spend on? The answer might be no, so how a marketer can utilize Twitter marketing for promotion? How can they generate leads from Twitter marketing?

All activities of Twitter marketing can be managed smoothly, with a very potential Twitter marketing tool “TwtBoardPro”. In this entire blog, we will discuss major 9 reasons for which marketers should definitely start marketing with software.

1.Create and Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts:

To make a marketer’s brand viral they need multiple accounts on Twitter. Create and maintaining multiple accounts manually will create confusion, moreover, there are fewer chances of effective marketing. Hence, with Twtboardpro feature, a marketer can create multiple accounts and manage it all actively to enhance their product’s visibility.

2.Enhance Page visibility with Followers list:

Enhance Page visibility with Followers list

Marketer’s need to raise their Twitter followers list to keep their page business page active. But, important is not grow followers but important is to have active followers list. Because only active followers will help marketer’s Twitter page making active with engagements. Hence, you can say without followers Twitter marketing is impossible. This software has effective feature using which marketers can follow Twitter users in bulk. It saves time as there is no need of searching user’s and following one by one.

3.Unfollow and remove Inactive Followers:

Nowadays, marketers are following a new trend to make their Twitter page more professional and productive by removing unfollowers or inactive. But, doing it manually will take time and they might unfollow an active user. So, to pick right inactive user in just one click, they can use Twtboardpro.

4.Optimize Your Tweets and Retweets:

Optimize Your Tweets and Retweets


A marketer needs to Tweet and Retweet to keep Twitter business page active and engaging with audiences. But, to enhance its visibility and get more engagements, a marketer need to optimize it by mentioning few active audiences. All these optimization techniques in Twitter can be managed automatically by software.

5.Give Automatic Engagements:

When marketer run online marketing with Twitter, a key ingredient is to get organic engagements. But, this is not so easy, for that, a marketer also needs to give engagements in followers tweets or activities. A marketer can never manage to do it manually as it will take much time.

6.Manage Twitter Campaigns:

Manage Twitter Campaigns


The ultimate goal of a marketer is to drag traffic and generate leads from online marketing. This is possible when a marketer runs Twitter campaigns effectively. But, generally, a new marketer don’t have much idea managing multiple campaigns and getting the best out of it. So, this software can help the marketer to run Twitter campaigns from which a marketer drive leads to target customers.

7.Know about Active Twitter Accounts:

While targeting Twitter users, it is very important to know whether that account is active or not. Because targeting inactive accounts will only waste time and give no desired result. Thus, to check this, Twtboardpro has a specific feature to check whether those Twitter accounts are active or not.

8.Update Twitter email id and password:

Using this software, a marketer can easily update all the details of their Twitter account. This step is very important when it comes to privacy and security matter to Twitter marketing. But, most of the marketer ignore this step and risk their business. To overcome this, a marketer can update email id and password automatically.

9.Message followers in bulk:

Message followers in bulk

To maintain a healthy relationship with customers, a marketer should message their followers. But, messaging one by one will need much time and effort, hence it can be lessened with this software as it has a feature to send messages all followers in bulk. By this, a marketer can directly contact customers and let know about product and offers.


Final Words:

In this blog, we gave the strong reasons for a Twitter marketer should use this automated software. It has all features which a marketer need to boost business by generating quality leads and growing organic reach. To know about Twitter marketing trends keep following our blogs.

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