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4 Magnificient Tips for Twitter Marketing

4 Magnificient Tips for Twitter Marketing

Twitter – the aspiring social networking site is expanding its reach as a marketing tool. There is no doubt that every major business has a Twitter account no matter whether it is tech related or not. And we all know that having a website is how much beneficial.   

So we are here to discuss how we can use Twitter Business efficiently so that you should get the desired traffic for your business. I’m present here to let you know how to enhance people’s engagement for  the Twitter Business.

Let’s move into the content without wasting more time.

Tip #1

Bring more people to your website

Wondering how? Website card is the answer. A website card is an ad format which allows the users to preview images, a clear call to action and related context. You can use the website card to build your site traffic, receive specific action and can raise your online purchase.

Bring more people to your website


Tip #2

Get followers

Followers are the one who is directly participating in your success and popularity. You can consider them as an important asset for your business. Just have a look below.

From the above screenshot, you might have got the idea how followers are responsible for your success and popularity. When people follow you on Twitter they not see your Tweets but also become your customer. They are the one who is having the positive feeling about your business, Tweet about your business and Retweet your Tweets.


Gaining follower means building the audience who are  interested in your business. To accelerate your follower’s growth you can setup Followers campaign with the Twitter ads. This action of yours will promote your Twitter account to desktop and mobile users.  

Tip #3

Build up audience Interest

Build up audience Interest

Usually, people on Twitter love to discover, share content, participate in conversations and connect with your business. So you have to be impressive enough to lead your customers to your website.  We all know that to be a part of active engagement is the best way to raise your brand awareness. You should try to get more Retweets, likes, and replies.

For this, you can take help of automation tool which can help your business to lead the pick of success.

Tip #4

Use Mute Words tool

Sometimes, people find hateful content or you can say the abusive content which demoralizes the users. So to avoid these Twitter had made the development of its feature. Introducing you the Mute Word Tool which will stop the notification for Tweets which certain username, words even the hashtags.

Have a look.


Mute Words


Twitter introduced QR code

Twitter has introduced the QR Code, the reason of this introduction  is just to follow people, link up with other users. The interesting fact is that you can search your own QR code on Twitter and can follow other users just by scanning their QR codes. You may find the option from your profile’s setting. Have a look.

QR Code

Also, you can search others QR code but the point is that this function is not yet available to all users so you may not find this option now.

Wrapping Words

These were some of the tips which you can use for Twitter Marketing. I bet these tips will for sure help your business growth. Follow the same and feel the difference.

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