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3 Data-Backed Twitter Marketing Strategies for Better Tweets and Huge Followers

As far the social media marketing has reached till now, it’s quite unbelievable. Twitter is the most popular and fastest growing social networking site. It’s now more than nine years of existence, Twitter has proved how much powerful can be a social networking site. This platform provides us the gun to share our own thoughts to the whole world through 140 character message known as “Tweet”.


This social networking site has grown as a key platform to for business. Most importantly, it provides networking to your business. If I have to give a reason for admiring Twitter then I will surely answer because it gives latest updates by tweet and you can read and retweet.

Now you guys must be thinking about those Twitter strategies which can help you getting better tweets and huge followers.

#1: Express Gratitude

Always remember this basic thing on your mind. If you will thank somebody then it may happen that everybody doesn’t reply but 1 in 4 of those will follow you back.


Just keep sharing and who share your content, thank them. Doesn’t matter the person shares all your stuff or a one-off event post but just praise them for sharing your post, it makes them feel good. Anyone wants to feel admired, if your single reply shows gratitude to your follower then you should admire them and praise them for sharing your post.

#2: Focus on your Follower’s Preference

It’s very important to know what your follower’s preferred. Your followers are special and hence you need to treat them specially. I am not saying that every follower would have the same set of preference, it might happen that everyone has the different perspective. You have to find a general set of trends that can help you determining what most of them what you to do.


Here are some of the important tips which can let you make the profit.

  •    Keep remember to mention someone on a tweet with @username, it earns more than 200% engagement from those who has nowhere mentioned with @.
  •    Tweets with an image earn less engagement but they are quite nice to look at.
  •    Tweet, where we offer some kind of opinion, commentary or express our views, receives more engagement.     

#3: Schedule Time to your Tweets Carefully

When I heard about this point I was not believing it. I gave lots of thought for this but after doing so many researches, I found it absolutely correct. If you will schedule your tweets between 12-1 pm or 4-5 pm, you will see much engagement on your posts. You just try to schedule your tweets in different time and notice in which period you get much engagement.


If you constantly post your tweet at the same time every day, you may get a number of followers.

But try to follow this advice.

  •    Follow interesting people
  •    Don’t be afraid to engage with others
  •    Contribute to another website
  •    Never be a robot

Over to you

If you yet thinking to discover ways to grow and nurture your following on Twitter then by following the above-mentioned points you can get increment on the number of followers. Consider these above three points on your Twitter account and boost your marketing.

What are your views? Please share with us and leave your words under the box.

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