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Welcome to Twtboardpro?

TwtBoardPro is open source twitter management solution which is product of socioboard. Solely created with an intention to manage multiple twitter accounts. Twtboardpro enables its users to carry on with the regular activity on the system like viewing profile, sending and receiving tweets, retweets, etc. It is basically utilized by twitter users to organize their friend’s tweets. With help of this amazing application, a twitter fan could handle as many tweets received from his/her friends. Using this amazing Desktop application, user can easily handle tweets, retweet, favorite and many more.

Why Twtboardpro?

Twtboardpro lets you target with precision, connect directly with your audience, spread your message throughout the day, manage campaigns and do much more to make sure you achieve your marketing goal. Users having their Twitter brand pages must use this tool to understand and to get maximum exposure for their brands.

Tweet Management

Enables you to automate your tweets, re-tweets, reply. Easily tweet, re-tweet, reply to single or multiple users. Offers you wide range of other options.

Follower Management

Instantly follow multiple profiles by single or multiple loaded accounts. Get follower & followings list of any user you desire, in few clicks.

Un-follower Management

Get rid of users who are not following you back easily.Unfollow multiple profiles, random users, un-follow based on no. of days.

Tweet creator Management

Enables you to create tweets with spinned input, Extract tweets using keywords, additionally you can extract tweets and re-tweets of single or multiple users.

Wait & Reply Management

You can schedule your tweets or reply as and when needed by uploading specific text file.

IP Settings

Enables you to set Ip address for the accounts loaded in twtboardpro. you can assign public & private Ips as per your convenience.

Scrape Users

Fetch users list based on usernames, keywords. More over you can convert usernames to user ids.

Filter Users Management

You can segregate users based on their tweets, followers, followings and location

Twtboardpro Key Features:
  • Manage multiple twitter accounts.
  • Enhance your following and follower list.
  • Optimized Management tweets, retweets and reply.
  • Unfollow users those who didn’t or not following you back.
  • Follow your all followers in a single click.
  • Automate your twitter activity now using Campaign Manager
  • Filter your users based on tweets,Followers,Following & Location
  • Check twitter accounts are active or not using Account Action
  • change twitter registered email id,password,Screen name.

And tons of other useful features.


Account Management

Allow you to check whether accounts are active or not. Now you can check whether accounts are active or not either by using username or email ids. Enables you to get username for accounts loaded, and assign groups accounts as well.

Effective Twitter Marketing

With twtboardpro not just you’re putting your offers straight on your customer’s line-of-sight, but you can also place attention-grabbing content that they’ll straightly response to in their news-feed.

Awesome Support

TwtBoardpro not only has a world class support mechanism available round the clock but also offers you helpdesk integration with your account. People can reach out to us no matter what situation they are in.